Elixir Entertainment, Inc., a sister corporation to Kuri Productions, Inc. and in the past through a Canadian subsidiary Kurissama Productions, is developing motion pictures, television programming, and streaming content as well as advertising networks for the digital out-of-home space through its Elixir 3D division. The mission of Elixir is to produce high-quality entertainment deliverable to all aspects of global entertainment, appealing to many sectors of the broad audience through a wide array of projects. View a brief history by selecting this link.

Over the past few years Elixir 3D has developed operating advertising networks in the U.S. and Mexico. Visit http://elixir3D.us for details on this exciting 3D, without glasses required, technology.

Through entertainment Elixir seeks to inspire its audience through projects that appeal to the mainstream consumer yet do not pander to the pure exploitation of the market. A selection of our projects in development or production are viewable here.  Elixir's management will direct the company's efforts towards the goal of becoming a major force in the independent field of the entertainment business.  Our production experience includes motion picture and television entertainment, concert video recording, content streaming, and Internet and wireless related digital video entertainment. The founders of the company are well established in the business of Hollywood entertainment.

An example of the high-quality and significance of our content creation is Cheyenne Rising Sun, an historical novel by John A Kuri being developed as a motion picture.

In 2018 the book was selected for inclusion in the archives of the American Philisophical Society

The Society, located in Philadelphia, was founded by Benjamin Franklin and is a major national center for research in the history of the sciences, early American history, and Native American ethnography and linguistics.

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Happening Now

Currently we are in development and production on several motion picture and multi-episodic projects.  Among them is enCounter: North, an epic action/ adventure motion picture project based on the life of international explorer, neuroscientist and racantuer of Harvard University, Dr. S. Allen Counter.

The screenplay is completed.  Epic in scale since the story being told includes the 1909 conquest of the North Pole by Admiral Robert Peary along with his assistant of 23-years, Matthew Henson, with whom Peary made seven perilous attempts to conquer the North Pole. Commerative Stamp

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As well The Big T: Testosterone is a television series under development,

its pilot having been selected for the 2018 edition of

the Director's Circle Festival of Shorts.

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ANASTÁCIA is an epic drama focusing on human trafficking.  It's core storyline is inspired by the historical book Hanging Captain Gordon and the book's presentation of the life and trial of the only American slave trader executed for his heinous actions as a slave ship captain and buyer/seller of slaves.  This occurred during the early months of Abraham Lincoln's presidency.

In parallel to the Captain Gordon storyline is the life of one of his captives, ANASTÁCIA.  Her character is inpired in part by St. Escrava Anastácia, the patron saint of many women of Rio de Janeiro. Gordon in fact managed to escape the Brazilians.  In this story he takes 16-year-old Anastácia with him because of her value, and sells her into indentured service as a domestic servent in the U.S. 

Also in development as a limited series for streaming, Lebanon: A Message to the World.

This cinematic series will, through the eyes of international music stars both in concert and off-stage, present their discovery of this ancient land, the cradle of civilization, the gateway to the Middle East, as they encounter the Lebanese culture, collaborate with musicians, revel in the epicurean experience, view the historic as well the work of contemporary artists and international designers.
This is a land where the world's great religions have lived side by side since the beginning of ancient civilization.

Additionally, we are providing design and exhibit consultation to the U.S. Dept of State Diplomacy Center Museum, Washington, D.C., working with the Diplomacy Center Foundation.  The United States Diplomacy Center will be the place for students, educators, and international visitors to explore the intriguing world of U.S. Diplomacy in the nation's capital.  Located at the Department of State, the Center will be the first museum of American diplomacy and will include state-of-the-art exhibits, major historical documents, never before seen artifacts, and professional outreach programs.  It will bring to life the vibrant history of American diplomacy and illustrate what the men and women of the United States Foreign Service and civil service along with other diplomats and colleagues in other U. S. Government agencies accomplish in securing peace, safety and prosperity that our citizens benefit from every day.

Diplomacy Center Museum at the Department of State Harry S. Truman Building Entrance Plaza

Harry S. Truman Building, Marshall Wing, Department of State Lobby Mural

               At the building’s Marshall Wing visitors walk under a 12-by-50-foot mural, “Defense of Human Freedoms.”            It is almost 70-years-old and has recently been restored. It was created in 1941 by Kindred McLeary.

Ambassador Ted McNamara with John Kuri at Spago, Beverly Hills, during a Diplomacy Museum event sponsored by Elixir Entertainment with the generous participation of Wolfgang Puck Worldwide and its president, Joe Essa.