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  Continuing with our interest in all aspects of entertainment, we completed production of the first three episodes of a Live Music series titled, StayTuned, hosted by actor Peter Coyote. Based on the one-hour film produced by Kuri Productions, the essence of this series is capturing the experience of live music in actual major music venues. The pilot features the Disney recording artists Leftover Salmon, a hugely popular Colorado Jam Band. Episode 2 features Legendary Blues artist John Hammond, recorded at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, doing a concert of his PointBlank/Virgin release of Tom Waits originals titled, Wicked Grin. Episode 3 features Platinum recording artists, the Squirrel Nut Zippers, also on Disney.

John Hammond

  With a recording release for almost every year he has played professionally (40), one which brought him a Grammy and the last four which have been Grammy nominated, and with tens  of thousands of live performances under his belt, it is significant that John has the ability to bring a freshness to each performance.  The passion he brings to the blues is a testament to the dedication and reverence he has for the musicians who first walked the path he has chosen to follow. 

 Tom Wait's, when asked about John said, "John's sound is so compelling, complete, symmetrical and soulful with just his voice, guitar and harmonica, it is at first impossible to imagine improving it."  Wait's, as producer, composer and lyricist in Wicked Grin, John's CD from PointBlank/Virgin, was able to bring Hammond's unique sound into the realm of his own singular musical vision.  The result is a rich and dynamic synthesis of the warm, rootsy style Hammond has honed.  Wait's continued, "I've been a fan of John's since his first record and was proud to be a part of this, [Wicked Grin].  He's a great force of nature.  John sounds like a big train coming.  He chops them all down."

  Legendary blues man T Bone Burnett wrote, "John Hammond is a master...He is a virtuoso. A Conjurer...A Modernist...John is in a very small circle of men with a guitar and a harmonica.  Jimmy Reed, Howlin' Wolf, Bob Dylan.  The guitar is an orchestra.  He's sending messages. Storytelling.  All mystery.  Protection.  The language goes out through the night...The Big Boom.  Boom the room.  Gone, Johnny, gone."

  Both an innovator and traditionalist, Charlie Musselwhite has been respectfully pushing the limits of the blues since his first recording for Vanguard Records in 1966. Charlie has performed and recorded with legends of the blues including Muddy Waters, Big Joe Williams, and John Lee Hooker, as well as contemporary artists Bonnie Raitt and INXS.  Recognized as one of the country's premier blues men, Charlie's harp playing has won him six WC Handy Awards for "Best Blues Harmonica," as well as the 1995 Handy for "Best Blues Band," and his last two releases have received Grammy nominations. Charlie has also been featured on Saturday Night Live, Late Night with David Letterman, CBS This Morning, and Live from the House of Blues.  His album, Rough News (Virgin/pointblank), features traditional blues as well the Brazilian influenced "Feel It In Your Heart," continuing in the Musselwhite tradition of expanding the boundaries of the blues. 

The one-hour StayTuned pilot is available for streaming or purchase from by selecting this link.


 Internet and Wireless has been developed as a rich source of concert video, video biographies on the artists, historical video of entertainment destinations illustrating their beginnings, master classes with virtuosos, discussions of musical origins with masters of the art,and the latest concert / performance videos from our artists. is currently being viewed in over 75 countries. All genres of music will be covered from all corners of the globe making this site the finest source for all things music.



Elixir is further developing the staytunedtv brand so that it will be will become seated within culture-specific TV/Internet platforms beginning with three geographic theatres of Latin America, Middle East/Persian Gulf, and China. Viewing is both local and, more significantly, global  with content-driven video covering music, comedy and dance featured in the artist's native language. Sub-channels in development will deliver talk4teens, culture, style, food, and more. The site's premise worldwide there is a new avant-garde population hungry to interact both at their local-comfort zone and simultaneously wanting to be in touch with their global identity. Further premise is that ex-patriot (expat) populations of each theatre form a globally-dispersed population, yet each seeks content from within their local culture and these expats generally have more spending power than those in their home country.  STTV links all local and global communities.


The sub channels currently in development include  Talk to Me is the title of a documentary EEI produced and audience tested. The concept is a round table, live in feel, peer discussion between 8 to 12 people who freely interact to each other's stated personal/ social issue. The audience testing of the one-hour pilot convinced EEI that the concept of the one-hour documentary worked, but that the real audience for this, both in terms of subjects and in viewers, is teenagers. will follow the same format as the pilot. A twenty-something moderator would be involved. Guest participants who have established names from the worlds of entertainment or sports, also acting in advisory roles, is planned. The program will commence production locally then begin moving from region to region of the country to expand its audience, and expand the issue discussion to a broader number of cultural centers. It is our desire to take the concept out globally so brings teens from all areas of the globe to the table to discuss relevant issues.

The ultimate purpose in programming is to give teens a voice they can speak to, a voice that is like their own and then connect them to the ones who listen. Teens will discover their problems are not unique. Teens will learn through this experience and communication with others, that all cultures have very similar problems. The issues affecting teens in urban America are similar to the urban teens of Johannesburg, Madrid, Tokyo, or London. Connecting the commonalities in cultures will help defeat ignorance. 

EEI is also developing a life style site that will inspire urban users - especially in the wireless market, and we have plans for an art related site that will give the viewer an unprecedented experience through a site that will bring contemporary art to life.