Talk To Me




 Talk to Me explores the reality of soul to soul communication. The program presents one-on-one readings that evoke the deepest, darkest, and most personal inner secrets or issues from the individuals who participate. The readings are told in flashback for the viewer and then discussed in the present to a round table group from all walks of life, gay - straight - male - female - young - old, facilitated by Crystal, who is a Channel/ Psychic/ Intuitive woman, that also conducted the readings.

  This is reality TV put to serious use. The 4th wall is broken in that the crew participates, thus, the viewer will understand that this show is spontaneous, unscripted, and absolutely real. The topics are relatable to anyone and a viewer cannot help but find themselves immediately caring about total strangers. Elixir has completed the one-hour pilot and is currently exploring a cable network commitment for the airing of the pilot and the development of the series.

  The one-hour documentary