All American Boy


Synopsis of the original screenplay by
John A Kuri

A teen, action-adventure story set in part in Connecticut and mostly in the Arabian Gulf and North Africa, including the Sudan.  Comparatively, this is "Romancing the Stone" for teens.

  Jake Carson, a charming 16-year-old, great skateboarder and extraordinary rock and roll drummer, is just completing his junior year of high school.  Jake is looking forward to a summer playing gigs with his band.  However, he is so blinded by his desire for Heather, a self-absorbed "Babe" who continually puts him down, that he sees no other girls.  

Jake finds himself abruptly uprooted to Cairo from Connecticut, as a result of his father's job.  There he meets Jessica Barnes, a pampered 19-year-old cover girl model, who is on a short vacation with her spunky grandmother, Jessie (the very wealthy widow of the publisher of a major national magazine.)  Jessie is determined to get Jessica away from the makeup and cameras and turn her into a world wise woman. During a social evening between the families Jake is dumb struck by Jessica's beauty and manages to feel pretty foolish. 

The following day, while walking through an exotic and mysterious Cairo marketplace, Jake observes Jessica being kidnapped and he pursues the fleeing car on his skateboard.  He rescues her, but inadvertently, his valiant attempt to save the fair maiden places both of them in great jeopardy, in the middle of the Sudan, North Africa, in a rebel camp that deals black-market arms and ammunition.  As they free themselves from the grips of certain doom they also set loose captured native animals, including a pair of Cheetahs.  Fighting every element for survival, the Cheetahs befriend their liberators and save them from other predators.  Jake's uncanny ability to communicate with animals proves to be truly amazing to Jessica.

Through a series of hair-raising adventures Jake uses his amazing wiles and wit to get Jessica through the Sudan. They experience help from the Arab people they encounter on their road to the north. In the process the two teens lives are forever changed as they see, firsthand, the devastating condition of much of that country, the cultural genocide that has taken so many. They rescue an orphaned infant, her mother killed in the raid of a village.  Jake does manage to return Jessica safely to Cairo.  Through the adventure he rises to the enormous challenges and at the same time she slowly sheds the spoiled image allowing herself to emerge as a real person. 

  Safe in Cairo and adjusting to the comforts of a luxury hotel after the weeks of sleeping in the wild, Jake and Jessica say a very romantic goodbye with a little twinkle of hope that in five years their age difference would not be as big a deal.

 His parents decide to move home and Jake is greeted as an international hero on his arrival.  He is placed on the cover of national magazines and newspapers as the man of the year.  He pretty much figures he'll never see Jessica again, after all, what would a glamorous, nationally known cover girl, want with a 16-year-old? 

  Returning to school Jake is "The Man".  Suddenly Heather the "Babe" is not so interesting and he has the pleasure of rejecting Heather's now obvious attention.  This moment happens at the close of the first day of school.  As he turns from a now very angry Heather he is surprised and psyched to find Jessica, who has arrived at school in her Ferrari. In front of the wide-eyed student body, and Heather, the famous and well recognized Jessica purposefully plants a kiss on Jake that stuns all.  She cutely lets him know not to get any ideas, the kiss certainly for show for all his friends. He then is told that her father has set up a relief fund in their names and is presenting a check for $5 million to the Sudan at the UN. She asks him to join them for the celebration. He accepts, she hands him the keys to the Ferrari and hundreds of jealous eyes watch, as Jake and Jessica drive off.  As we widen on the scene, the beautiful car speeding away, we hear Jake exclaim, "Now this is what life's all about!"

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