Talk to Me

The audience testing of the one-hour pilot Talk to Me convinced the Elixir development department that the concept of the one-hour documentary worked, but that the real audience for the project, both in terms of subjects and in viewers, is teenagers. 

The ultimate purpose in programming is to give teens a voice they can speak to, a voice that is like their own and one that listens. Teens will discover their problems are not unique. Teens will learn through this experience, and communication with others, that all cultures have very similar problems. The issues affecting teens in urban America are similar to the urban teens of Johannesburg, Madrid, Tokyo, or London. Connecting the commonalities in cultures will help defeat ignorance.


To the teenager their issues are greater than any others for two reasons.

1. Teens, being so inexperienced believe their problems life threatening and bigger than any other type of problem. They also feel adults, especially parents, cannot understand the gravity of their problems.
2. The teenage population is our immediate future. Assisting their rapid growth is mandatory in this information age where they are consuming new information by way of a wireless world, at the speed of light. will follow the same format as the Talk to Me pilot. A twenty-something moderator would be involved. Guest participants who have established names from the worlds of entertainment and sports, also acting in advisory roles, is planned.

The program will commence production locally then begin moving from region to region of the country to expand its audience, and expand the issue discussion to a broader number of cultural centers. It is our desire to take the concept out globally so brings teens from all areas of the world to the table to discuss relevant issues.