Filmography for Elixir Founder John Kuri


Motion Pictures for Television:

One More Mountain
Scared Straight: Another Story
The Plutonium Incident
Young Love, First Love
Marriage is Alive and Well
Through the Magic Pyramid
The Red Pony
Michael O'Hara IV
Dracula's Castle
Legend in Granite

Television Series:

Stay Tuned (3 episodes)
Ohara (pilot)
Bob, Carol, Ted & Alice (pilot)
Little Shots (pilot)
Skyward Christmas (pilot)
Airwolf ("Eagles" Episode)
The Girl from 7th Avenue (pilot)
The Mouse Factory (2 seasons)

Motion Pictures:

Captive Hearts
The Apple Dumpling Gang
Report to the Commissioner
Hawaiian Cowboy
Mad Mad Movie Makers



Concerts/ Multi-Camera:

Mongolia: Concert (North American Premiere, The Lincoln Center)
Sudan Music and Dance Festival (NYC Central Park Summer Concerts)
Levitt Pavilion Summer Concert Series (three 2-hour concerts)

Vegas! Vegas! Vegas! (One-Hour TV Special)


Icastica: (Figurative)
Language of the Night
Sounds of Change (four titles for the Grammy Foundation)
  Civil Rights Movement
 Birth of Rock & Roll
Protest Movement
Grammy's in School
Talk to Me

Interactive C/D ROM Video Gaming:

Dreggs (a role playing game - 22 hours of video)


Emmy® nomination The Red Pony
Cowboy Hall of Fame/ Western Heritage Award Conagher
Christopher Award One More Mountain
Golden Halo Award Skyward

Appearances on Video as Himself:

50th Anniversary Making of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (Disney)
The Making of The Apple Dumpling Gang (Disney)
Pride Passion and Power (CBS/ ESPN)
One Hundred Greatest Family Movies of All Time (Channel 4, Granada TV)



John Kuri has production experience in many locals and extreme conditions, from 40 below zero in the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec during production of Captive Hearts to multiple days in excess of 110 degrees in Dallas during production of Skyward or the very remote locations in eastern Colorado used for the production of Conagher. He has much experience on the sound stages of Hollywood on numerous production as well as urban, city streets and location production in cities from Los Angeles to Vancouver, Canada, and Orlando, FL to San Francisco, and internationally from Japan to the UK. 

Below, John Kuri directing flight sequences while flying the camera plane during Skyward production