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From the Beginning of Civilization to the Present:

Images of Baalbek, Beirut Today and its Future 

 Images of the beauty and diversity of Lebanon follow.


Beach Club, Beirut

Zaitunay Bay looking north from Beirut

May, snowcapped Mount Lebanon

The water source for the Beqaa Valley and its vinyards


Evening at Zaitunay Bay, Beirut

Jetta Grotto, performance site.

Interior National Museum, performance location for Wayne Shorter and Herbie Hancock

Temple of Bachus, performance location for Wayne Shorter's aria, Aurora

The three photos above are of Baalbek, commissioned by Julias Caesar, completed under Augustus Caesar.

This is located in the Beqaa valley, rich with the tradition and history of wine making dating back to the Phoenicans.

Gracious hospitality, the Argile

Massaya Arak begins its journey


Arak aging in the cellars of Massaya

Ney Virtuoso, Bassam Saba, fascinates the imagination on the Massaya rooftop lounge, Mount Lebanon

Evening at Massaya at Faqra with lighting from the Massaya signature Arak bottles in cobalt blue

Looking south to Beirut from a nightclub rooftop deck

Our Lady of Mount Lebanon, arms outstreched towards Beirut, revered by woman of all religions in the area.

Jounieh Bay in the background.