The “Hood” comes to Hollywood.


  The playground basketball court should be the place of dreams and healthy competition where hard work and practice pay off.  In heart-pounding moments, making a LeBron or Steph Curry move elevates a boy's or girl's spirit and lights up their life for a fleeting breath, one that disconnects from the surrounding, often threatening environment in which survival is questionable at best.  Dreams of greatness suspend the pain and nurture the human spirit.
Now imagine that same boy or girl given a chance to reach beyond the hood, to reach to a world of fame where their ball playing skills combined with unique personality will give them the key to compete for a part in a movie based on the novel Takin' It Back.
  The open casting call in cities across the country will be a TV program titled HoopDream Team.  The show will cover the compelling story of the teens who tryout for the movie and it will take us to the final selection. The prize, a role in a movie about teens - ones just like the contestants.


Elixir has produced a documentary short that serves as the series pilot titled HoopDream TeamThe Palm Springs International Shorts Festival, an Oscar® qualifying festival, has selected the film for inclusion in their 2019 Film Market.  Additionally, the short is under consideration for "Official Selection" by the Austin After Dark Film Festival.

Select this link to view the HoopDream Team Pilot / Sizzle Reel

A gallery of images from production in Hollywood as NBA legend Jerome Kersey and LAPD Capt. Anita Ortega, a UCLA All-American Hall of Fame NCAA basketball star, put the HoopDream Team teens through their paces.

  The video reel below is a composite of test footage with three different cameras while we test their sensitivity to night exterior work using available light only.  This reel also tests green screen work shot with the HoopDream Team teens in action on a basketball court set up on a stage in Hollywood.

HoopDreamTeam test video