aka Jenny


Logline: Jenny, Latin/Lebanese mix, a PTSD burn-out Navy Seal / Intelligence Officer, leaving duty after 15-years in the Middle East and South/Central America. She takes a high paying job as a bodyguard for pre-teen brother & sister in Beirut who, under Jenny’s watch, are kidnapped in a political plot to control the voice of their prominent father.

Inspired by actual events and experience in the arena of this story. 

In 2008, John Kuri (screenwriter) was appointed by Dr. Roy Godson, president of the Washington, D.C. based education and research foundation, National Strategy Information Center, as a Senior Fellow on its Culture of Lawfulness Project.  Sponsored in part by the US Dept. of State and Georgetown University's Center for Democracy and Civil Society, the NSIC  work has taken John to Italy, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bahrain, Jordan, Lebanon, Mexico, Panama and Colombia for challenging interactions and mentoring with local and national government officials, journalists, television executives, producers, presenters, and writers.





The central character:  Captain Jennifer Maria Sfeir, AKA Jenny, mid 30’s, is a US Navy intelligence officer. Lethal, a veteran of Navy Seal training, is nearing the end of her final duty at the US embassy in Mexico, D.F., Mexico when she is transferred to Beirut, Lebanon. Jenny has served in numerous Middle East and Latin American locations over the past 15 years.


Born in the US Jenny is Lebanese on her father’s side (career diplomat), and Latin on her mother’s side (artist/dancer). Jenny spent youthful times in Beirut, Bogota, and high school years in Washington, DC. Her undergraduate studies were completed in Paris and thus she is multi-lingual: English, Arabic, French, Spanish. Having lost a schoolmate in the terrorist bomb attack against the Indonesian Embassy in Paris 2004, Jenny made a vow to fight the ideology that utilizes terrorism.


Her education and language skills made her a high value recruit for US Navy Intelligence. At NAS Oceana, Dam Neck Annex, Jenny gained a deep understanding of the inner workings of adversaries and developed unmatched knowledge of the wartime battle space.


Jenny has become the ultimate weapon with her military experience combined with sexy, at times vulnerable looks. She is as dangerous as she is beautiful, feminine when she allows, but from her 15-years of constant duty assignments in the theater of war throughout the Middle East and South/Central America, she is a calloused, well-practiced, more than capable, and most certainly her own person.


The story, in its essence:  Jenny takes a high paying gig as a bodyguard for pre-teen brother & sister in Beirut who, under Jenny’s watch, are kidnapped in a political plot to control the voice of their prominent father.  The children’s mother had been a victim of a car bomb intended for her husband, the children’s father, 5-years earlier.  During Jenny’s time guarding the children she gains a perspective on womanhood, motherhood, and life’s greater meaning,

something her career path had denied her experiencing. Literally falling in love with the children her entire purpose becomes the singular task of rescue despite the odds of it costing her life.