Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors

John A.Kuri, CEO and Chairman of the Board, is the founder of Elixir Entertainment Company, Inc. (EE).


Joining John on the board of directors of EE is Leonard Chaikind.

Leonard has over thirty years of  high-level management experience with Royal Dutch Shell and the Shell Oil Company. He is currently CEO of IICC, a merchant bank based in Houston, Texas. During Leonard's earlier tenure with Shell Oil he was Regional Treasurer for Royal Dutch Shell's operations in the Far East and Australia, then served as the Administrator of the 12 plus billion dollar Shell Savings and Retirement Programs with responsibility for both the investment and administration.

Scott P Jeffreys

Also joining the board of directors is Scott P. Jeffreys, Chief Financial Officer. 

Primarily working in New York City during his career his roles have included Chief Financial   Officer, VP Finance and Operation and Director of Finance and Planning with companies such   as The Princeton Review, Scholastic Corporation, HarperCollins Publishers, Simon and   Schuster, CBS and McGraw-Hill. In addition, he has done private financial consulting for a   range of clients including British Broadcasting, a regional Law firm, an international   distribution company and a well known regional restaurant chain. Scott is known for his   attention to detail, leadership skills and as a team player with a customer needs, results driven focus on business.


The Advisory Board of Directors

Brian Folb, recently accepted John Kuri's invitation to join the Advisory Board. Brian's expertise in business and his global community mindset is a great asset to Elixir. Receiving both his Bachelors and Master Degrees from Claremont College, he has been with Paramount Contractors and Developers since 1978, and is a principal as well as the Chief Operating Officer. Paramount is owner-operator of Hollywood office buildings that house many major entertainment companies including HBO productions, and well as Reebok and Adidas' west coast PR and Marketing operations, and the LAPD's Internal Affairs Department. Brian serves his community as Vice Chairperson of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and is a member of a number of community boards including Hollywood PAL.

Jeffrey Kennedy, member of the advisory board, became a friend during this past decade and was a longtime Director of Engineering with Oracle Corporation. Jeff has held highly technical positions in performance engineering, database architecture and user interface design. Oracle is an American multinational corporation, specializing in developing and marketing enterprise software products, particularly database management systems. The corporation has arguably become best-known due to association with its flagship Oracle database. The company also builds tools for database development, middle-tier software, enterprise resource planning software (ERP), customer relationship management software (CRM) and supply chain management (SCM) software. Jeff also serves on the board of Wildwood Conversation Foundation, a nature conservancy located in the northern California wilderness.

Jennifer White Kuri, member of the advisory board of EE and the board of directors of Kuri Productions, Inc. is a graduate of UC Berkeley with a Masters in Art. Her work was seen regularly on the HBO series Six Feet Under and appears in several publications including the coffee table book, Designing Women, and the book The Dinner Club: The Art of Jennifer White Kuri by author/ curator Peter Frank. Among her many accomplishments she has: assisted Christo with the installation of "The Running Fence"; curated a contemporary art show in the Soviet Union in conjunction with L'Hermitage; and laid the groundwork that brought the Basel Art Fair of Switzerland, the world's largest contemporary art fair, to Miami Beach. Miami Basel is now one of the world's most renowned annual events drawing art collectors from around the globe. Jennifer's art was recently exhibited at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art followed by an exhibition of her portrait series The Dinner Club that exhibited for a Women's History Month celebration at the Napa Valley Museum of Art.

Eric Maryanov, advisory board member has been involved with Elixir since its inception. He is the owner of Los Angeles-based All-Travel. Maryanov opened his agency 24 years ago with one part-time employee. Today, All-Travel employs more than 40 people, with offices in West Los Angeles and Torrance, Calif., and has a major national and international Internet presence. Utilizing the agency's 10 Web sites, All-Travel has risen to become one of the premier agencies in the West. In 2007, the site alone generated 400,000 site visitors and 1.3 million page views. More than 90 percent of all new business is delivered via one of the agency's Web sites. In 2007 won a Trendsetter Award for Best Online Marketing Strategy. In 2008 they took home the prestigious title of Best Agency Web Site.

Key Management

Scott P. Jeffreys

Rick Buhay

Patricia Taylor

Janiene Kuri

Scott P. Jeffreys, Chief Financial Officer, Board of Directors

Scott joined Elixir 3D™ with over 30 years of financial, accounting and operations management experience primarily in International media companies and family owned or controlled businesses.

Prior to joining Elixir 3D™ Scott was Director of Finance for WB Resorts Development, having provided overall financial management to the developers of a 401-room hotel and indoor water park scheduled for construction in Wildwood, New Jersey. He was Chief Operating Officer of Presidium Group of Companies based in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. He was responsible for the company’s accounting and administrative functions along with the Family Office Division. 

Primarily working in New York City during his career his roles have included Chief Financial Officer, VP Finance and Operation and Director of Finance and Planning with companies such as The Princeton Review, Scholastic Corporation, HarperCollins Publishers, Simon and Schuster, CBS and McGraw-Hill. In addition, he has done private financial consulting for a range of clients including British Broadcasting, a regional Law firm, an international distribution company and a well known regional restaurant chain. Scott is known for his attention to detail, leadership skills and as a team player with a customer needs, results driven focus on business.

In addition to Scott’s expertise in accounting, financial reporting and cash-flow management, his experience includes financial analysis, budget development, short and long range planning, profit / productivity enhancement programs, business process improvement, acquisition analysis and business integration.

As a financial manager, Scott worked with the Division CEO and managers in sales, marketing, operations, manufacturing and distribution to construct financial plans, measure/ report on performance and to revise goals and objectives to meet the needs of the business.

Rick Buhay, Vice President Logistics / Technology Implementation

Rick joined Elixir as VP of Operations / Logistics with over twenty years experience in management, technology, and employee training. He handles logistics across the spectrum of media activities for Elixir 3D™.


Rick’s professional career began at a major commercial / industrial real estate company out of downtown Los Angeles as an executive assistant and quickly ascended to the Director of Operations. In that role he handled management of numerous commercial properties. In 1995, responding to his keen interest in technology, Rick accepted a position with Apple, Inc. Recognizing his exceptional management skills Apple placed Rick as Manager of their Santa Monica Apple Retail Store, the 2nd largest volume Apple store in Los Angeles and one of the ten largest volume Apple Stores in the world. Adding to Rick’s responsibilities at Apple, Inc., he became one of the key management trainers and traveled the globe opening new stores.


Through his years with Apple Rick has become keenly versed in state of the art consumer technology and its applications, a skill that serves him well at Elixir Entertainment and Elixir 3D™. As examples: Rick has handled production logistics for Elixir Entertainment and Elixir 3D on complex productions including NASCAR® at the Dover International Speedway, the HoopDream Team promo video and the basketball training videos featuring NBA All-Star Jerome Kersey and LAPD Capt. Anita Ortega.  He has, as well, handled complex 3D technology installations in Mexico at 7-Eleven stores operating the Elixir 3D monitors. This involved customs clearance of hardware, coordination with shippers/ transport, coordination with technical installers as well as wireless Internet providers.


Patricia Taylor, Operations / Administration Manager


Born and raised in Los Angeles, Patricia entered college with a major in Communications. She paid her way through school by working a few odd jobs; Assistant to the Music Department’s Publicist, writing for the campus newspaper, and coaching Junior Varsity Girls Tennis at the high school from which she graduated, all while being a full-time college student.

After graduating Cal Poly Pomona with a Bachelors of Science in Communication / with an emphasis in Journalism, Patricia began her career in entertainment production when she accepted a position at the premiere television entertainment newsmagazine, Entertainment Tonight.  She worked her way up to Production Coordinator before embarking on quite a few freelance gigs, from travel coordinator to casting associate to associate producer of a high-rated HGTV DIY program.

Patricia joined Elixir 3D and Elixir Entertainment as Executive Assistant to CEO John Kuri.  Working with the Autostereoscopic 3D technology and content opened up an entirely different world of possibilities. She was in contact with everyone from independent contractors operating as company representatives to U.S. Governors and Presidents of International Corporations to White House Press Secretaries.  In her work with Elixir, Patricia is able to stay creative assisting in developing powerpoint presentations, conducting informational research along with contract creation and even developing a Documentary Script about the Navy’s Blue Angels.

She characterizes herself as a typical Californian who loves the great outdoors; from hiking all over the Angeles National Forest, to jumping out of planes solo in the accelerated Free Fall program in San Diego alongside the U.S. Navy’s Leap Frogs, to playing and coaching tennis, and hanging out for breakfast along Venice Beach’s famed boardwalk.  In her spare time, she enjoys writing and volunteers with a military focused non-profit twice a month and at special events throughout the year.

Janiene Kuri, Consulting Producer / Project Manager

Janiene’s career is largely in the entertainment business where she held staff positions in production management on prime time episodic dramas for NBC, Fox Television and movie production for the Hallmark Channel and for us at Elixir Entertainment. Additionally, working with Major League Baseball she produced numerous special programming involving the national baseball teams.

Janiene has produced dynamic and multi-cultural music concerts and events for Stay Tuned TV including the First Annual Sudan Peace Concert and Music Festival at New York’s Summer Stage.  She has assisted in developing story and show content for the motion picture adaptation of the novel Takin’ It Back and its companion TV series Hoop Dream Team.

Her academic achievements include an M.B.A. from Pepperdine University in addition to an undergraduate degree from Emerson College in Communications.  Her education and professional experience is supplemented with global experience, having lived and worked in Egypt, France, and Canada. She is quite adept in the French language, with limited studies in Italian and Spanish.  Janiene is a resourceful problem-solver who uses her initiative, communication and organizational skills effectively. 


In Memorium:

Eric Westin, who John first worked with at Disney early in their respective careers and who was a membor of Elixir's board of directors passed on in late summer 2019. Eric, a long time friend, brought vast experience to Elixir from his diverse history that includes positions such as: Walt Disney Imagineering, Vice President of Participant Services; Lucasfilm, Ltd., Vice President and General Manager of Skywalker Development Company; Gaylord Entertainment, Senior Vice President of Design, Development and Strategic Alliances; and most recently, Coca-Cola Company, Managing Director, Experiential Design & Development-creation of the new World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta.  Eric was involved with Elixir from its inception and will be dearly missed.


William Douglas Kruse, was a longtime friend of John Kuri's going back to their first meeting in 1979.  As an Executive Vice President with Elixir Doug was a production executive who brought vast experience and personality to much of what we are doing, and had been a close friend of John's since he was assigned to the production of Sacred Straight, a film John did for CBS years ago. Doug had been an LA County Sheriff, was a former Marine, became a location manager in the film & TV industry upon his retirement from law enforcement, and worked with John on several of his movies prior to the organization of Elixir.  Doug is greatly missed by all the Eixir team for his remarkable instincts, knowledge of logistics, security, and mostly, his marvelous - humorous approach to the daily complications we all face.