I, Carlos

Adapted from the novel, screenplay by John A Kuri

Motion Picture

Elixir Entertainment has acquired an exclusive option for the purchase of motion picture and television rights to  this novel.


Neurostory n.

Implanting a computer chip in a human brain to create the illusion that the host is a character in a story.  Declared illegal after recipients continued acting out the stories after the chip was removed.

The Story:

A revolutionary computer chip developed as a Neurostory and containing the personality of Carlos the Jackal, the world's most notorious assassin, is implanted into the brain of Henry Talbot so that he might experience his ultimate fantasy: TO BE AS SUAVE AS THE FICTIONAL JAMES BOND BUT AS LETHAL AS THE REAL CARLOS. 

The designed experience, administered in a Los Angeles medical clinic, is filled with sexy encounters, yet the ultimate goal being the assassination of the president of France.  But it all goes wrong as Henry awakens as the terrorist he imagined himself to be, then kills the attending doctors and walks out of the clinic with the Neurostory chip controlling his brain.  He sets out to complete the assassination, not to mention killing anyone standing in the way.

Nyles Monahan, a world-weary detective, who quickly figures out that an artificially altered mind has gone ballistic, faces not only unbelieving police department superiors, but his own all-consuming domestic crisis: His wife is comatose.  Told by doctors to give up his hope, Nyles is the eternal optimist who fights the conventional wisdom, and wins.

This premise is eerily plausible in the near term: A visceral combination of an erotic fantasy turning into painful reality.

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